Solving Laravel’s “Class log does not exist”

Here’s what you should check when you get: “ReflectionException: Class log does not exist in ……. “.

So far, I found that “Class log does not exist” is related with config files.

.env file

The first step is checking your .env file. It must existinto your project root. If it’s missing, well…. create it.

If .env is in place, also check that it’s values are not containing any space. If your really need values with spaces, just wrap them with quotes.


If .env is ok, then check your /config folder.

Check the config files you recently changed: a simple, missing comma at the end of a line can cause that error.

Restoring config files from your git repository is also a good idea.

Re-install vendor files

If yet, everything is ok, you can try by deleting your /vendor folder and re installing all the dependecies with a simple:

composer install

So far, these three steps helped me to fix that fu**n error.

Comments with more suggestion are welcome